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My ants

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Pharmacy, Academia, And More: Carl’s Stories Improve Lives!

Carl, a retired pharmacist residing in Mesa, AZ, brings a wealth of experience from diverse settings, including Arizona State University. His journey in academia involved roles as a pharmacy preceptor. Adjunct faculty for the ASU School of Nursing, and an instructor for BIO194, Introduction to Pharmacy. Recognized as a Master Preceptor by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy in 2017. Carl has not only shared his insights at various pharmacy conventions and American College Health Association national meetings. But also contributed articles to professional publications, solidifying his expertise in the field.

While his talks and articles often explore the dynamic realms of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, they also reflect his professional life. In addition to his impactful career, Carl and his wife Kathy proudly hold the prestigious Bowl of Hygeia Award. The intriguing episodes within the book draw inspiration from actual events in Carl’s vibrant youth. That is also offering readers a glimpse into a life shaped by pharmacy and academia. Further, a touch of the unconventional, adding a unique flavor to his stories.

However, he has become interested in developing a different perspective on writing. My Ants is an adventurous book that exposes ideas about ants’ secrets. Obviously, the author has inspiration of tiny red ants and the natural consequences for these tiny little species. He is motivated to disclose an ant house and the empire of the ants in his My Ants book.

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My Ants
Curiosity and Consequence

My Ants book got an inspiration of red and black ants. However, a young enthusiast with a deep interest in science gets on a daring experiment to construct an ant army under his command. However, the well-intentioned endeavor takes an unexpected turn. Increase into the small ants in house bait story where the control with tested boundaries. The random ant’s secret power of nature also leads to unforeseen consequences.  

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Chapters I Have

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The first thing that tried to kill me was Bordetella pertussis. Somehow, I survived that childhood disease and lived long enough to be nearly killed many more times. I am fortunate to be here and able to share my story. 

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Without a doubt, having access to the Encyclopedia Brittanica at an early age gave me an education beyond what the nuns could teach me. I read about distant lands and cultures. 

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I had discovered science fiction by this time, starting with Andre Norton (Daybreak, 2250 A.D.) and then reading the more juvenile works of Asimov, Heinlein, Bradbury, and others that took me to other worlds and futures where science was respected and new ideas welcomed. 

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Life was challenging at times and very enjoyable at other times. My older brother was light years ahead of me in socialization and maturity. 

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The Fictionalized Autobiography of a Young Mad Scientist

Get into the tiny world of “MY ANTS,” a story that mixes fun and amazement in the discovery of very tiny red ants and small black ants in a house. Watch our enchanting trailer to see the ant universe through a child’s eyes. “MY ANTS invites audiences of all ages to rediscover the joy of imagination and the beauty of the natural world with an ant commander. 


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